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When my world turned completely upside down from the current COVID-19 pandemic, I asked myself an important question: 


How is COVID-19 Impacting How Menstruators Access Vital Period Products?


The coronavirus stimulus package that was passed in March provided some relief to those in need & introduced a provision that allows people with health savings accounts or FSA for health-care expenses to use those pretax funds to purchase menstrual products. Unfortunately, those provisions overlooked unemployed and uninsured menstruators. 


I wanted to do something about this!


My name is Miyoshi Days, and I’m the founder of Hate the Dot, a wellness movement committed to turning your menstrual period to a self-care ritual, and providing vital period products to homeless and less-fortunate menstruating individuals. 


In an effort to support menstruators that are struggling financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hate the Dot is giving away 5,000 tampons because Periods Don’t Stop for a Pandemic.


Thank you for your donation!